Class Schedule

The class schedule for our LIVE online classes. When you attend a live class, simply visit the Live Classes page 10 minutes before your class starts so you can visit with other students and/or talk to the instructor. If you get there ealier than that, the video will start to play when the instructor starts the class.


On Your Seat (Chair Yoga) **
2pm EST


Standing and Mat Flow**
10:45 to 11:45am EST

Balance & Core Chair Yoga
Noon–1pm EST


Practice with one of class recordings in  our On Demand library


Mindful Moments with Mandy
10am–10:15am EST


On Your Seat (Chair Yoga)
1pm–2pm EST


Yoga with a Chair and on the Earth*
10am–11am EST


On Your Seat (Chair Yoga)
Noon–1pm EST

** Classes are offered in partnership with oMS Yoga
* Generously funding by Michigan Parkinson Foundation

Welcome to Adaptive Yoga Moves Foundations

Class Descriptions

The LIVE ONLINE Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body live classes and On Demand library of video recordings have has many different types of accessible yoga, breathing, and meditation opportunities. You are encouraged to mix it up! Try a little of this (postures, meditation) and a lot of that (breathing). Remember, safety is your TOP priority.

Classes may focus On Your Seat, On Your Feet, and On The Earth or yoga mat. Yoga Moves presents different options for Any and Every Body. You can make the class your own by choosing to do each pose On Your Seat, On Your Feet, and On The Earth.

The class descriptions below suggest props such as blankets, straps, and blocks that you may place nearby. Most adaptive yoga moves classes require one chair and sometimes two. It is very helpful to have two chairs, especially when adapting to poses that are traditionally on the earth. Yoga with two chairs is just like sitting on the floor without having to get up and down off the floor.

If you have not experienced chair yoga and are new to the practice, it is highly recommended that you attend the Live Foundations of Chair Yoga before taking other Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body classes. To get you started, try practicing with Mindy in the Welcome to Adaptive Yoga Moves Foundations sample class below. Make sure you are on our student mail list to be notified of Live Foundations of Chair Yoga classes, and special “pop up” classes and workshops.

Mindful Moments with Mandy

Learn mindfulness techniques with plenty of time to review and practice. Mindfulness practices bring our awarenes to the present moment. When we get in the habit of mindfulness – then positive things happen. We become happier. We become less anxious. We become better listeners. Our overall coping skills improve. There’s nothing to lose!

New Yogis/Foundations of Chair Yoga for Any Body

This is a “pop up” class designed for new yogis and those who want to learn more about breathing, basic yoga poses and alignment. If you’ve been hesitant to try a yoga class, this class is for you! We will introduce you to the foundations of Chair Yoga with demonstration and practice of basic yoga poses. Interaction is highly encouraged and time is allotted for conversation and questions. Let’s learn together how to breathe and move for improved strength and flexibility. Calm your nervous system and build your confidence. Props: Chair. Blankets, straps, or blocks are optional. You can watch the videos for similar type of information and a short practice in the welcome email that you received after completion of the waiver. Several samples of these classes are On Demand.

On Your Seat (Chair Yoga)

This 60-minute class will begin on the chair with breathwork, centering, and warm-ups. Standing options with the support of a chair(s) are optional. Props: Two chairs are suggested for safety with certain poses. Please make sure that your chair is secure and stable on a yoga mat or carpeting so that it will not slide.

Chair Yoga Duo

This one-hour adaptive yoga class is co-taught by two YMMS Instructors who demonstrate and teach poses seated and standing with a chair. Receive simultaneous demonstrations for On Your Seat and On Your Feet. You are sure to enjoy this fun teacher duo! Props: One to two chairs, block, blanket, yoga strap or belt.

Balance and Core Chair Yoga
(Standing optional)

Improve balance and stability with a focus on the core muscles around your trunk and pelvis. Train the muscles of your pelvis, low back, hips, thighs, and abdomen to work together, which can improve balance and stability in daily activities. This class begins seated with attention to breath and whole body warm-ups and includes a guided relaxation or brief meditation. Students may elect to transition to standing pose adaptations. Props: Stable chair, yoga strap, and block.

Breathe and Stretch with Two Chairs (on the earth/mat is optional and this class is On Demand only)

Yoga with two chairs is just like sitting on the floor without having to get up and down off the floor. This one hour class begins seated in a chair with breath work, centering, and warm-ups. Standing options with the support of a stable chair(s) are optional. Props: Stable chair. Two chairs are suggested with certain poses. Make sure that the chair(s) is secure on a yoga mat or carpeting so that it will not slide. Yoga strap and blocks are optional.

Breath and Meditation
(On Demand only)

This 30-minute class is dedicated to practicing a functional breath for optimal wellness. A variety of mindful yoga breathing and meditation techniques are introduced. The class format is interactive with time for questions and answers.

Standing and Mat Flow

On Your Feet and On the Mat with modifications offered by instructor. Chairs are welcome.

Yoga with a Chair and On the Earth

Practice Yoga on Your Seat and Yoga on Your Feet with a Chair. The class ends with Yoga on the Mat and a generous restorative pose. Props: Stable Chair(s), strap, block, blanket(s) and pillow.

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We believe that Yoga should be accessible to anybody regardless of ability to pay.

Live yoga classes are solely funded by generous donors and are offered without a set fee. Donations maintain our classes. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED. Your support fortifies the collective Mighty Yoga Moves community in exchange for receiving nurturing experiences throughout the year.