Welcome to the Yoga Moves community. We are so happy that you decided to join our Live LIVE online Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body classes. Our specially trained instructors will guide you with breathing practices, yoga postures, and meditation practices while you practice with other like minded Yoga Moves students online.

Pure chair yoga classes, or a combination of On-Your-Seat, On-Your-feet and On-The-Mat are scheduled daily. They are designed to connect your mind, body, and spirit. If you are new to yoga, make sure to join the Foundations of Yoga and Ask the Yogi classes. Enjoy your yoga practice in the comfort of your home, and at your pace.

We encourage you to login and visit this page 10 minutes early to meet other Yoga Moves students and the instructor. This is a good time to hear any announcements, ask questions, and share information with other yogis in the Yoga Moves community. The instructors are interested in your comments and feedback.

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We believe that Yoga should be accessible to anybody regardless of ability to pay.

Live yoga classes are solely funded by generous donors and are offered without a set fee. Donations maintain our classes. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED. Your support fortifies the collective Mighty Yoga Moves community in exchange for receiving nurturing experiences throughout the year.